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'Marco made a great team member at a recent trade show helping us to raise awareness of our brand and connect with our audience. His work practically doubled our efforts and put many smiles on faces. Thank you Marco!'
– Melissa Wiggins, Marketing Manager, NetXtra
Worried you'll leave the trade show with a disappointing amount of leads?

Utilising his years of experience in rapidly building rapport with all sorts of people, Marco will:


✔  Expertly engage with delegates, intensely boosting the amount of qualified leads you leave the trade show with

  Brand his props with your company's logo & message, including a brief spoken summary of what your company offers their clients

  Tailor all of his tricks to your company's main client offers, core values, and key messages

'Marco was a huge success for our business at the London Build Exhibition this year!
Marco has the ability to add a different dynamic when approaching potential clients, using his disarming persona, linguistic abilities and trade craft, Marco finds the best way to engage with people; captivating them and their fun side.
When you need that something to give you an entertaining, interesting and worthwhile edge, look no further.Thanks Marco from all at QFS Scaffolding Ltd, SMART Scaffolder and HAKI!'
– Ben Ramsey, Contracts Director, QFS Scaffolding Ltd.

By the end of the day, every delegate Marco engages with will be familiar with what your company offers. Countless potential leads will have seen your company's branding & messaging throughout every engagement, solidifying it in their minds more so than other companies in attendance.

If you really want to make an impression, Marco will personally craft effects solely to communicate your company's offers & sales messages, qualifying the leads he captures as well as leaving them with a lasting, positive impression of your business.

By having Marco, you will make more use of your limited time at the show, leaving with more qualified leads than you thought possible.

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